By its resolutions 69/231 (See resolution A/RES/69/231) and 70/216, the United Nations General Assembly decided to convene the comprehensive high-level midterm review of the implementation of the Istanbul Programme of Action, in Antalya, Turkey, with the following mandate:

(a) To undertake a comprehensive review of the implementation of the Istanbul Programme of Action by the least developed countries and their development partners, share best practices and lessons learned and identify obstacles and constraints encountered and actions and initiatives needed to overcome them, as well as new challenges and emerging issues;

(b) To reaffirm the global commitment to address the special needs of the least developed countries made at the Fourth United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries and to further strengthen the global partnership for development for least developed countries in all priority areas of the Istanbul Programme of Action in order to ensure the timely, effective and full implementation of the Programme of Action during the remainder of the Decade, while taking into account the post-2015 development agenda as it relates to the least developed countries.