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Four ministerial round tables will be held in parallel to the plenary meetings in the Atlantic room.

Each round-table will be co-chaired by two Chairs, one from the LDCs and one from the development partners, to be appointed by the President of the Mid-term Review, from among representatives at the level of Head of State or Government and or at the ministerial level.

The Secretary General of the Midterm Review, in consultation with the President of the General Assembly, will select up to four panelists for each of the round tables, and the panel discussion will be followed by an interactive debate among States and other relevant representatives and stakeholders.

The roundtables will be interactive and open to all MTR participants. Each roundtable will have reserved seats for up to 45 Member States and other stakeholders. Members States or other participants are invited to indicate to the Secretariat, by email (assaj@un.org) their preferred roundtable in which they wish to participate in, with a view to obtaining reserved seats, as well as provide a second choice, in the event that their first-preferred roundtable is unavailable due to capacity limits. Reserved seating will consist of one seat at table and one adviser’s seat. The rest of the room will have the arrangements of one seat per delegation.

States and other participants may attend the other round tables, for which they have not registered and obtained reserved seating, on a first come, first served basis, whereby seating will consist of one seat at table. There will be no prepared list of speakers. At the discretion of the Chair or Chairs, priority in the order of speakers will be given to those speaking at the level of Head of State or Government or at the ministerial level. The round tables will aim to achieve a balance among speakers from all stakeholders. In order to provide for maximum participation, interventions should not exceed three minutes. Representatives are invited to indicate to the Secretariat if they will be represented in a round table at the level of Head of State or Government or at the ministerial level.

PDFConcept Note: High-level Round-table 1 [En] [Fr]     PDF Draft Programme: High-level Round-table 1

PDFConcept Note: High-level Round-table 2 [En] [Fr]   PDF Draft Programme: High-level Round-table 2

PDFConcept Note: High-level Round-table 3 [En] [Fr]    PDF Draft Programme: High-level Round-table 3

PDFConcept Note: High-level Round-table 4 [En] [Fr]   PDF Draft Programme: High-level Round-table 4