Participation of the UN system

The success of the preparatory process will depend on the active and well-coordinated involvement of all parts of the United Nations within their respective mandate and expertise as the scope of the substantive agenda and magnitude of the organizational aspects of the Midterm review are beyond any given entity of the United Nations.

The existing Inter-Agency Consultative Group on the IPoA implementation should be used as the main coordination and consultation mechanism for the preparation and organization of the midterm review. Inter-agency consultative group meetings should be convened on a regular basis with a view to consult on, coordinate and review the conceptual, substantive and organizational aspects of the preparatory process and of the Conference as well as the contributions of the UN system and other international organizations. Aspects related to the engagement of the UN system in the Midterm review, including the list of pre-conference events, will be prepared by OHRLLS in consultation with the relevant organizations and will be considered at the inter-agency consultative group meetings.